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Outdoor Features Services

Your home’s outdoor space is full of untapped potential that could turn an ordinary outdoor area into a place for relaxing, entertainment, and so much more. At Oasis Landscaping, we provide a range of professional outdoor landscaping and installation services that will allow you to add plenty of excellent outdoor features to your home. The following are some of the most common outdoor features that can transform your outdoor space for the better.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens give you the opportunity to bring not only dinners but the cooking process itself into a beautiful outdoor space. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for warmer climates where cooking inside often results in a frustratingly warm house; with an outdoor kitchen, you never have to worry about needing to crack open the window just because you’ve turned on a hot stove. Outdoor kitchens come in a range of styles, and our professional team can help you design an outdoor kitchen that is perfect for your needs.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are perfect for relaxation and entertaining friends, family and other guests. Fire pits are especially useful in both the summertime and chillier falls months, when you may want to sit outside despite the cool crisp night air. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can be made according to your specifications, and if necessary we will help you with the final design and placement decisions.

Outdoor Features & Patios

Patios are an essential part of any outdoor space that wants to double as an entertainment, dining or simple hang-out space. Patios give your outdoor space a defined entertainment area; they also make it much easier to install items such as outdoor kitchens, dining tables and seating. Patios can be made of materials, including wood, cement, stones and composite materials. As with any outdoor space feature, these can be highly customized to suit your needs.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has been surging in popularity recently, and with the many benefits that come with installing outdoor turf, it is not a big surprise. Unlike standard lawns, artificial turf is not subject to the whims of the temperature and weather; nor does it need to be clipped and otherwise painstakingly maintained like regular grass lawns. Artificial turf is also the best way to get uniformly green and nice-looking landscaping, especially if you live in an area prone to dry spells or you aren’t simply keen on the task of taking care of a real lawn yourself.

Our Professional Services

Our mission at Oasis Landscaping is to provide every customer with top-of-the-line landscaping services, along with our trademark excellent customer service that is designed to make sure that every one of our clients is satisfied. Our professional team of experienced experts will be able to provide you with quality design, installation and work that is sure to impress; whether you’re aiming for small outdoor features such as a small fire pit or you’re interested in something more expansive.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our landscaping services, contact us with your information today.

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