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Snow Removal

Calgary Snow Removal Services

Looking For Snow Removal? Oasis Has Your Covered!

If you live in a place where snow is a certainty during the colder months, you will definitely agree that shovelling snow from parking lots and walkways, on a regular basis isn’t a DIY task. That is exactly why you need a professional snow removal service like Oasis Landscaping – we specialize in both residential and commercial snow removal.

Why hire us? Take a look:

Improved Safety

You don’t have to spend a lot of time around snow to realize it can be dangerous. Not only can snow injure a person by causing them to slip and fall, but it can also injure them during the snow removal process as well if they try to lift a shovel in order to get the job done. You wouldn’t want a family member, employee or customer to get hurt. Our snow plowing services reduce the risk of tripping, slipping, and getting stuck by clearing thick areas of snow and laying down salt to reduce the melting point of the snow and increase friction on surfaces. 

Quick Entry and Exit

Apart from safety, you would want your customers to be able to enter and leave your place of business with as little hassle as possible. People who see a mountain of snow in front of a business are less likely to want to go inside. No one wants to trudge through a foot of snow or carefully walk around deep areas to get inside a commercial building or even their home. We ensure this happens by removing snow and clearing a path.

Accessible Parking

It is necessary to keep walkways clear and maintain open parking spots for customers. Similarly, you would want to drive through a clear stretch of the road instead of risking your vehicle getting stuck in a pile of snow. Snowfall can quickly cover up painted parking lines, making parking lots a messy free-for-all. We help to keep parking lots clear and visible so people can park safely.


Even if you don’t fall or trip while removing snow from your home or in front of your office, it is a tedious task and can take a long time depending upon the area that has to be cleared. Shovelling can take hours in fact! As professionals, we save time and effort, by finishing the job as quickly as possible. 

Less Messy

While snow is a huge problem, the worst part of winter is slush – the more snow you walk through, the more slush you risk dragging indoors. Before long the floors of your home and office can become slippery and unsightly. The less snow and slush people have to walk through, the less slushy water they will carry inside. Thus the chances of someone slipping inside are reduced, and the floors remain cleaner.

While shovelling your driveway or parking lot on your own can produce fairly good results, those results typically pale in comparison to those offered by professional snow removal services. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us ASAP!

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