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Landscaping Tips

Need some landscaping tips? Is your front yard, back yard or the general area around your home in some major need of landscaping? Landscaping can mean the difference between a drab, dull home and one that truly shines. Thankfully, you don’t have to walk into the complex world of landscaping without any preparation: the following are the best landscaping tips to follow when you want to improve the landscaping in your home.

Take A Look At These Helpful Landscaping Tips

Tip #1: Consider landscaping choices that will look good throughout the year

One of the most common mistakes people make with landscaping is choosing shrubs, bushes and other plants which will only look good in the spring and maybe during the summer; but in the fall and winter, they lose their colour, lustre and leaves, which leaves being nothing but a dull brown look. To combat this mistake, you can do two things: one, plant different flowers and other greenery that will blossom at different times, and two, make sure that a good amount of your landscaping is made from plants that are evergreen so they will look good no matter what month it is.

Tip #2: Create walkways to reduce dead grass and create interesting connections

No one wants patches of dead grass and trampled plants on their lawns, so when you have multiple focal points in your landscaping area–such as a garden, backyard patio, and nearby fire pit–you can eliminate this problem with a well-planned walkway. Walkways will eliminate the problem of dead grass patches and they also make for an interesting connection between the focal points of your outdoor space. Stepping stones, cobblestones, or even brick all make excellent walkway choices.

Tip #3: Plan to add outdoor seating

One of the best things you can do for your landscaping is to add outdoor seating. Outdoor seating is both convenient and practical; it gives you (and guests) somewhere to sit down when you need a rest and it makes it possible to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort. For best results, create some type of privacy around the seating area, such as planting tall flowers or bushes

Tip #4: Add lighting throughout your landscaping area

If you can’t enjoy your landscaped space at night, then what’s the point? Adding lighting will let you—and your family, friends and other guests—enjoy your outdoor space even when it gets dark outside. Lighting also has the practical benefit of illuminating your home which makes it easier to see when you get home after dark. The most common types of outdoor lighting include staked lanterns, which are typically used along walkways or near staircases.

Tip #5: Design with curved edges for a more appealing look

Straight lines can make your landscaping look too stilted, especially if you aren’t maintaining those straight-line edges perfectly throughout the year. In order to give yourself some leeway, while adding an interesting character to your yard, consider designing the landscaped area with curved edges. Check us out on Facebook or Google! Contact Oasis Landscaping today for any of your landscaping needs.