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A deck design can be an excellent focal point for your home’s outdoor space. Decks can serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, since they can be designed to look appealing while offering distinct benefits to the outdoor space of a home. If you want to make sure that you are making the most of your deck design, consider the following tips for great deck design that will leave you with the best deck on the block.

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Tips for great deck design

Tip #1: Consider your lifestyle first

Don’t pick a deck design based on what the neighbors have or what you think you should have–choose a design that considers your lifestyle first and foremost. What do you prefer to do, or what would you like to do, on a deck space? For instance, if you frequently have parties where you grill and cook outdoors, consider a deck design with a built in outdoor kitchen space. Or if you and your family love to sit outside on cool summer evenings and enjoy the view, pick a deck design that has a cozy sitting area.

Tip #2: Don’t forget about pathways

Pathways on a deck are important for making sure that people can easily get around the deck space, as well as easily leave and enter the deck space at their leisure. The best way to ensure that your pathways will be clear is to plan out where furniture is likely to go and work from there.

Tip #3: Consider the level of maintenance on the material

How much maintenance and regular upkeep are you willing to do on your deck? If you are looking for something low maintenance, choose materials like PVC and composites which (while they are more expensive) do not require as much regular cleaning and maintenance as decks made from wood surfaces. Wood decks need to be pressure washed and then sealed once a year, which means you’ll need to put in some effort to keep it looking nice.

Tip #4: Consider adding “rooms”

If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining or you love utilizing your outdoor space, consider adding enough space to your deck to make “rooms” with different functions. For instance, a cooking area where you can grill and prepare meals outdoors, along with an outdoor dining area, and then a small alcove for sitting and relaxing. The sky is the limit with deck design, as long as you take the time to plan out what you want from your deck and design accordingly.

Tip #5: Don’t forget to accommodate shade structures

If you don’t have plenty of natural shade surrounding the deck already, it’s best to build in shading with your deck design. Pergola and awnings are the most common shade solutions for decks; you can also consider using large bush planters nearby for additional coverage.

Remember these tips for great deck design

Remember: the key to a great deck design is the hard work and planning that goes into creating a design that will suit your needs, your family’s needs, and the needs of your home. Check us out on Facebook or Google! Contact Oasis Landscaping today for any of your deck-building needs.