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Have The Best Lawn This Summer

Looking to have the best lawn this summer? Summertime is the perfect season for showing off a beautiful lawn, but to do that lawn maintenance is key. As any homeowner knows, having the best lawn in the summer takes plenty of patience, hard work and planning. If you want to have the best-looking lawn on the block this summer season, consider the following tips that will help you get started.

Tips to Have The Best Lawn This Summer

Tip #1: Know the best time to mow your lawn (and the best height)

It may be surprising, but when–and how–you mow your lawn can make for a better-looking lawn in the summer. As a general rule, you will want to set your mower height to the highest setting available for the type of grass in your lawn; this will encourage the grass to grow to its ideal height, which in turn allows it to develop much deeper root systems. Deeper root systems discourage weed seeds from sprouting in your yard, which will reduce the amount of work you need to do to keep it weed-free. You should also consider when, exactly, you mow your lawn. Mowing frequency should be high enough that you don’t need to cut more than 1/3 of the current grass blade height at a single time; just make sure that the grass is dry.

Tip #2: Water your lawn in the right way

Don’t mow your lawn every day, no matter how much you’d like to do so. You should be mowing your lawn less frequently and more deeply, rather than every day and with shallow sprinkles. The idea behind watering your lawn less frequently is that you want the grass to have an extended, deep soak in the water; this encourages the grass roots to grow deeper, strengthening the lawn and discouraging weeds. Look at the colour and bounce of the grass when trying to determine the ideal watering frequency. When you notice the water looks a bit grey and the grass blades aren’t bouncing back, then water.

Tip #3: Use quality grass seed

If you have ever heard the phrase “You get what you pay for,” now is the time to take it into account. The poorer quality grass seed you use, the less nice your lawn will look in the summer. For best results, use a premium seed that will sprout quickly and provide more even coverage than fewer quality seeds. You should also consider coating your seeds with a coating that allows them to absorb more water, which will help them grow and protect them from various grass diseases.

Tip #4: Spot control weeds and problems

It can be tempting to simply apply pesticide and other treatments to the entire lawn to save time–but it’s best to spot-control weeds and other problems so that they can be taken care of immediately, directly and without touching the rest of your lawn. For instance, use a spot control weed killer to spray dandelion and clover before they bloom.

Remember: having a great lawn this summer takes work, so start as early as you can for the best results! Check us out on Facebook or Google! Contact Oasis Landscaping today for any of your lawn maintenance needs.