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Irrigation systems are integral to many types of properties and landscapes, both commercial and residential. If you are in need of irrigation systems, then you will need to determine which type of irrigation system is best for your property and for your needs. There are several notable types of irrigation systems which are commonly used today; the following is a guide to the most common types of irrigation systems.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are the most common type of irrigation system in use today. Drip irrigation involves installing irrigation lines in your garden which feed directly into the root systems of plants; these lines will then “drip” water into them, hence the name ‘drip irrigation systems.’ Drip irrigation systems are highly popular because they allow for the garden to be kept hydrated without the need for external watering. In fact, drip irrigation systems are considered more efficient and budget-friendly than traditional external watering, since they reduce the overall amount of water usage required to keep a landscape hydrated. Drip irrigation systems do recover a more limited amount of space due to the lines needed to feed into plant roots, and only certain types of landscaping can be easily drip irrigated. 

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler irrigation systems are another common type of irrigation system, although they are considered less efficient than drip irrigation as a whole. Sprinkler irrigation involves supplying a garden or landscape with water through an external watering done through a sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems can cover a large external area when compared to drip systems and can be used no matter what type of landscape needs to be irrigated. Sprinkler systems can use a variety of different sprinkler heads, ranging from automatic sprinkler heads that run at specific times to manual sprinklers which are turned on and off as needed.

Surface Irrigation

Surface irrigation is a simple irrigation system that uses gravity to distribute water across soil on a property; surface irrigation involves reshaping the property in order to create slopes that will carry the water throughout the property. Surface irrigation is relatively simple and can be used to cover a wide area of the property, but it does require resurfacing the landscape which is something that property owners will need to consider.4

Choosing an Irrigation System

Choosing the right irrigation system for your needs can be difficult, especially if you are new to the concept of irrigation systems. In general, drip irrigation systems are better for smaller properties (if budget is a concern) as well as properties were consistent, direct hydration is absolutely essential. Sprinkler irrigation systems are better for larger properties and when direct root hydration is not essential for the survival of the plants and flowers in question. Surface irrigation is ideal when you want something cost-effective and you are capable of reshaping the landscape to better suit surface irrigation.

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