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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor spaces are often overlooked when it comes to outdoor lighting, but the lighting in your yard and the overall outdoor home landscape is surprisingly important. The right lighting can truly transform your outdoor space into something that you enjoy spending time in; the right type of outdoor lighting can also add practical benefits as well as financial value to your home in the long run. If you are interested in finding out the best outdoor lighting ideas for your home, consider the following ideas to see if they suit your next outdoor lighting project.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Idea #1: String lights

String lights are making a huge surge in popularity right now, and for good reason: they add ample lighting, can be used with all sorts of outdoor décor and aesthetics, and they—to put it plainly—look amazing. String lights can be tailored to suit just about any type of décor depending on the type of bulbs used, so whether you’re looking for a magical twinkling string effect or something sturdy and nostalgic, you are sure to find a string light that suits your needs.

Idea #2: Hidden LED lights

Hidden lights are great for when you don’t want to break the aesthetic of your outdoor space but you still need ample outdoor lighting for practical reasons. Hidden LED lights are perfect for hiding underneath stairs, ledges, plants and other spaces where the LED mechanisms won’t be seen. They are especially useful for staircases since you can light up each step to make sure that no one gets injured walking down the stairs when the sun has gone down. This idea is best when you prefer a completely “clean” look for your outdoor space.

Idea #3: Lanterns

Lanterns will add an undeniable rustic charm to your outdoor space, and best of all they can come in a variety of different sizes, colours and shapes. Hanging lanterns, stationary lanterns and even vintage-style lanterns are all great choices when it comes to lighting up your backyard or side patio. For best results, look for lanterns with LED fixtures so that you won’t have to worry about replacing bulbs frequently.

Idea #4: Light orbs

Light orbs are a contemporary type of lighting that will add dramatic flair and modern style to any outdoor space. Light orbs come in a variety of sizes as well, so you can choose to use one or two larger orbs, a cluster of small orbs, or a combination of orbs in different sizes. Most orbs come in soft white colours but they can also be purchased in different shades, depending on the needs of your outdoor space.

Idea #5: Light-up furniture

If you want to add a truly unique type of lighting to your outdoor space, then you can do a little better than with light-up furniture. Light-up furniture will make sure that your patio, yard or other outdoor area is completely lit up—all through an interesting conversational piece that is sure to turn heads as soon as you turn it on at night. Check us out on Facebook or Google! Contact oasis landscaping today for any of your outdoor lighting needs.